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Relax,  you have found something helpful. Someone actually willing to try to help who genuinely isn’t in it just for the money.

I am a licensed psychologist in private practice in Memphis.

I offer counseling or psychotherapy for

Individuals – adults and teens

Couples – Married, engaged, divorcing

I offer individual private guidance in person or via the net for persons who want help with health and fitness.

Links to different aspects of my work are over there on the right and up above.

If you are interested in becoming a client or you want to find out more about me or my psychology practice, check the Client info at the top of this page.

I write, too. Mostly I write about psychological stuff but sometimes I write about other things like weight loss or bicycling.

I work hard to help you or your loved ones in any way that I can. I want  to give you effective, economical, and expedient ways to get the help you need either in person at my office, via the internet, on on the phone.

By the way, my name is Cliff Heegel.  Many of my clients call me Dr. Cliff because they aren’t really certain about that last name.  It rhymes with “eagle”.

I am a real person, a licensed psychologist (Ph.D.) in a solo private practice in Memphis. I am not the front man for a large medical corporation or internet-based business. Nor am I another web-based info service– I am not a search engine like google, yahoo or Web MD.

This website isn’t professionally done. I learned a little about using some software. I update my site myself from time to time when I can.

I can offer you help in a few different ways.

In my office I can offer direct face-to-face help.  You can get several type of  help: Individual and couples counseling, crisis intervention, family help, information, second opinions,  supervision  for professionals, ethics consultations, and more.

I can do a few things for you via the internet or via the telephone. We can talk and I will bill you my standard office rate if the communication is free (chat, Skype, etc) or I’ll add a per hour charge to cover any phone fees.

Information, consulting, coaching, second opinions, etc lend themselves to internet or phone consultations. Problem solving, reality checks. validation, stuff like that is not hard to do via phone or net.

Intense emotion work is hard to do via the net- there is too much non-verbal data that is not perceivable, even when using video. I try to stay away from doing this sort of internet work unless you have no workable local options.

So. A little bit about me and what I do.

See my vita page for more info.


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Call me at 901-522-5247.

My voice mail is confidential. I am the only person who can listen to your message. E-mail works better for me in general.