About the Security Cameras

People often notice that there are some security cameras on the property. Cameras make some of us a little nervous, and for good reasons. The cameras on my property serve several purposes, all of which are good, and all of which respect your privacy while improving your safety.

Monitoring arrivals– Since I have no waiting room, I have to visually check to see that you have arrived. Having cameras facing the street means I don’t have to constantly keep looking out of the windows. The cameras allow me to monitor arrivals from wherever I am on my property.

Cat supervision– My cat, Neo, is mostly an indoor cat for safety’s sake. However, having a couple of well-placed cameras allows me to watch him as he roams the backyard, enjoying doing what cats enjoy- hunting, inspecting, napping.

Neo spends a few hours a day, mostly at night, sleeping in my office. He is diabetic. While he is medically stable today, I have cameras situated so that I can monitor him when he is sleeping in my office. I can check on him while I am upstairs in the house using a camera without having to go out back and open up the office. Should he destabilize because of his diabetes, I will see it.

Crime deterrence– Visible cameras discourage most criminals. Our street is not really very dangerous but a theft from a vehicle happens sometimes. Often it is a very quick smash and grab- break the window, open the car door, steal the contents of the car, and quickly disappear. Cameras discourage most criminals if they think they might be recorded in the act. I have been meeting people at my current location since 2008. To date, no one’s car has ever been broken into while we were meeting.

Neighborhood Watch– The property is part of the Normal Station Neighborhood. We have a very active, involved neighborhood. Many of us have some sort of security camera. If a pet is missing or if a crime happens, those of us with cameras check our footage to see if we can help. I have helped locate lost pets, dangerous wild dogs, and wildlife. Any camera footage that could be important to solving a crime will be given to the proper investigating authorities.

Any recorded camera footage is temporarily stored on one of my personal private computers. After awhile, the recorded footage is overwritten by new recordings. I am the only person who can access the recorded images. No recorded images are ever be shown to anyone else unless it can help to solve a crime.