Easy Paleo guide – Eating for health

I got the list below from Kurt Harris at http://www.paleonu.com/ – a great site especially for paleo nutrition geeks.  And there is a nice little 5 minute video that follows that is is simple clear intro to Paleo eating.

For some ideas about how to do your own 30 day Paleo Fitness challenge, read my page on Eating.

Here are the crystal-clear (to me) 12 step guide to Paleo eating. Questions? Comments? Post in the comment section.

1. Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks) and all flour.

2. Start eating proper fats – Use healthy animal fats to substitute fat calories for carb calories. Drink whole cream or half and half instead of milk.

3. Eliminate grains.

4. Eliminate grain and seed derived oils (cooking oils). Cook with butter, animal fats, or coconut oil.

5. Get daily midday sun or take 4000-8000 IU of vitamin D daily.

6. Intermittent fasting and infrequent meals (2 meals a day is best).

7. Fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Stick with berries and avoid watermelon which is pure fructose. Eat fruit in moderation, especially if you have excess body fat.

8. Eliminate legumes.

9. Adjust your Omega 6s and 3s. Pastured (grass fed) dairy and grass fed beef or bison avoids excess Omega-6 fatty acids. Grass fed meat works better in your body than supplementing with 0mega-3 supplements.

10. Proper exercise – emphasize resistance and interval training rather than long aerobic sessions.

11. Eliminate milk (if you are sensitive to it, move this up the list).

12. Eliminate other dairy including cheese- (now you are “orthodox paleolithic”).


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2 Responses to “Easy Paleo guide – Eating for health”

  1. I was reading a discussion of grass-fed beef (as well as other meats, poultry, etc.) on the CrossFit site, particularly about what is offered at Whole Foods. Seems to vary from store to store around the country. What has been your experience shopping at the Poplar-Mendenhall store? And is it really affordable for folks living at/near 100% poverty?

  2. Whole Foods Memphis has a decent selection of grass fed and organically raised beef, chicken, and pork. And bison, too. The prices are not crazy-high compared to local Farmer’s Market grass fed, and now and then they dump some meat on sale at much lower prices.

    However– it is, of course, more expensive than the industrial meat that is the standard american diet fare.

    Kroger Sanderlin has some beef that is organic- it looks like regular Kroger beef vacuum packed but it is labeled organic. Selection is limited but now and then it goes on sale…