Spring Leaning starts March 1st.

Spring Leaning starts March 1st.

Thanks to Laram777 on Flikr for this photo.

On March 1st I start a personal challenge- this time I am going to call it ‘Spring Leaning”- I read that nice catchy phrase somewhere on the internet- I don’t know who to give the credit to.

The point of my Spring Leaning challenge is to spend just one little month (March 2010) focusing on eating well and moving well. Most people would probably call it a diet and exercise program, but that doesn’t really capture the essence of my efforts. I am going to have fun. I will eat well, play hard, play easy, and have fun. And, I predict that I will be leaner, faster, and stronger when I complete my month-long challenge. I’ll probably be more relaxed, too.

How we eat and how we move strongly influences our health and fitness.

In October I started my Paleo Crossfit challenge. It worked so well and I liked it so much that I continued well beyond the 30 day mark. Somewhere around the beginning of the new year I relaxed my nutrition and exercise. See my Shrinking the Shrink post for more on that challenge.

Now it is time to focus again on making a concentrated effort.

The weather is getting warmer. I am ready to go.  I will be posting updates every day or so  letting you know what I am eating, how I am moving, and what results, if any, I am noticing from the efforts. I intend to eat high quality unprocessed food, drink little or no alcohol, and move in some manner most days of the week.

The Spring Leaning transformation is beginning. You can do it too, your way, your style. Join me here — post something about your own challenge in the comments- let’s lean into it together.

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