To be free

A day late, but it is never to late to reflect on what freedom means to each of us, and how so many around the planet (including the USA) are much less free than I am.

Check out the vid- not super music but it is an emotional message that might move some of us to get off our rears and do something effective.

While one is still in chains, we are all still in chains.

What benefits do I enjoy here in my USA lifestyle that are supported by the blood and bones of those who are enslaved? Who gets richer and more powerful because I buy their stuff?

And what should I do now that I know?

Posting things like this on Facebook makes me feel better, but I don’t think it helps much.

Revolution? New politicians? Benevolent Facism? True Communism? Hyper Regulated Global Financial system? More bicycles? Eat locally?

There’s something happening here, what is ain’t exactly clear…

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