2010 Holiday Schedule

Hi there everybody. I have not had the time to post a lot in recent months- that’s a good thing, mostly. Time to write has been scarce because my practice is very busy and very full. Openings for new clients are scarce.

I enjoy writing because it helps me clarify my thoughts and it helps people get to know me. But, being busy means that more people are (hopefully) being helped. And, I would be dishonest if I did not comment that it helps when the finances are  in good shape- being busy definitely helps with that.

But, in being busy some stuff other than writing has fallen through the cracks- the non-urgent things like paperwork, organizing, etc. Those of you who understand  me well know that I am able to shirk paperwork for the most minor of reasons.

Well- the stack of unfinished paperwork has caught up with me so I need to catch up with the paperwork before I am buried in it. And, other non-urgent tasks around the office and home are sitting there waiting for me.

To manage all of this I have decided to take an unprecedented 2 consecutive weeks off this holiday season. That sounds like such a long to time to me. I think 1997  might have been the last time I took more than one week off. That’s probably not being a very good example, is it?

Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Saturday this year.  I will be closed for the holidays beginning Monday December 20th. I will reopen Monday,  January 3, 2011.

I am almost always willing to (eventually) respond to emails ot texts from you, even during a holiday. If you email me a specific request and I do not respond, please follow-up with me via text or phone to see if I received your email after a couple of days. Email is great but it is not perfect. Email is sometimes lost in a black hole in cyberspace.

For emergencies, I will be available for phone calls for current or former clients during the holidays. I will not return routine or emergency calls from new people during this time.

By the way, I will decide whether or not to call back based on the message I get from you. If you  call me and  simply say something like “This is Bill, please return my call” I probably will not understand that it is an emergency and I will probably not return your call. However, if you say something like “This is Bill- I am in a crisis- I think it is an emergency” I will probably call you back. Please understand that especially during holidays I might not even see my phone for a few hours because of a holiday event.

I do not plan to offer any emergency appointments at the office during my time off.

At the moment I intend to keep operating as I have during the past few years. I do not anticipate any major changes in my practice when I reopen in January. I will probably rearrange the furniture and the electronics.

Any questions?

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