What I do–

What I do–

Cliff HeegelMy office is a safe place to heal from deep pain, dark secrets, and resolve emotionally complex life situations. I can help you move on and chart a new course.

I am very relaxed and informal. I am not conventional, stuffy or judgmental. I work quietly and deeply. I work very well with sensitive people who are really troubled by their minds and feelings or personal trauma. PTSD, Borderline, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic, Sexual Trauma, Addiction, Grief, OCD & more.

Excellent with infidelity or divorce counseling for individuals. I can be creative regarding financial agreements. I can usually connect well with brilliant troubled teens and young adults.

You are my specialty. Seriously. I am really good at coming to understand who you are, how you function, and what will help. Nonjudgmental. Open. Caring. Wise enough. Nothing (much) freaks me out anymore. I can go into darkness, inner complexity or sexual weirdness with you. And, simple life adjustments are possible too.

If you worry that you are too weird to help, stop. You are home. It’s ok. I’ve been in therapy too. I still get stuck some, just like you. Think you are too broken, too stuck, too strange? Nope. In my office there is hope and healing. Let’s roll.

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