5 Secrets of Happy Couples

Are there really secrets to creating great relationships? Sort of, but not really. Nope. Creating great relationships is not a secret proprietary process that requires you to have a genius IQ or that you can only acquire by spending a zillion dollars.  Effective relationship knowledge is free, accessible,  and can be found all over the internet in many forms. But, you have to have the awareness to understand that you might need help to improve your personal skill set, and then you have to actually do the work to acquire better skills and practice them.  Simply reading about it won’t cut it- you have to do it.

I am fond of easy ways to remember complicated ideas. Our brains store lots of helpful and unhelpful stuff. That means that shorter and simpler ideas are easier to store and to recall than long and complicated theories.

Here’s a handy 5-point list called “Secrets of Happy Couples” from The Gottman Institute. While it is a simple, understandable list, each of the five points has been distilled from decades of behavioral research and clinical experience.

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To read more about each of the 5 secrets, visit The Gottman Institute on Facebook or spend some time with their comprehensive self-help site, the Gottman Relationship Blog. You might discover some things that change your life for the better. And it is free!  

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