Analytical or Intuitive – An easy way to tell

A relatively simple post today— How can you tell if you are analytical or intuitive in any given situation? By the way, we are always a little bit of both, but often one process dominates in a particular moment.

When we react quickly, intuitively, without thinking, we are responding based on what we have learned through some sort of training or experience.

When we deliberate, take our time, and think things through, we first access the information that is stored in our database of life experience and then use our analytical processes to try to determine the best course of action.

Each process has its place—Depends on the context of that particular moment. There is no recipe, no “right” way—it is all contextual.

Why does this matter? It only matters if your life isn’t working the way you want. You might be using the wrong process at the wrong time.

Pay attention.

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