New Office Report, update

The new office is working out great– everyone seems comfortable enough.

Inviting people to your home is a lot more personal and intimate than inviting them to a professional office complex. I think that I was a little nervous about opening my life up that much and being that transparent.

My profession of psychology teaches me to be “clinically distant”, but if you know me at all you will have observed that I am just not a “clinically distant” person! A bit reserved, perhaps, and shy in some ways, but definitely not distant.

I cannot help being open with people, so in reality I think that working form the home-based office actually let’s me be myself more- it is more honest and open. There is not as much image management possible. When you come to my office, you see how I live for real. I like it.

One of my projects I have been working on is taking shape- I am writing a workbook to help people free themselves from their own minds. My tentative working title is “The Red Pill Workbook”- that will probably change, but I like it.

More later, y’all.

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