Your mind is a real danger

Your mind is a real danger. Watch out for your mind. It can disconnect you from the now in a split second and send you on a trip to dreamland, where you will sleep unless you somehow awaken.

Would you want to drive your car down the freeway while you are in dreamland? No? Would you want to run your life while you are in dreamland? No? Then stay awake to the now, which is the only moment you can really be in.

Do not take your mind too seriously. Watch out for the stories your mind creates in the head, especially the stories your mind creates about you and about others.

There is no story in the head that is you.

There is no story in the head that leads to you.

Every story in the head leads away from you.

You are what exists before all stories.

You are what remains when all stories are seen for what they are.

Practice mindfulness of the mind.

Open, notice, and accept your thoughts. You are the observer, not the thinker, not the thoughts. Watch your mind with a part of your attention at all times. (‘Oh wow, look! I am having that thought about the future again!’

When you lose the now, you can suffer personally. Suffering requires conceptualizing the past or the future, as well as a conceptualized self. Suffering thoughts occur in dreamland.

Note: when you are caught in suffering, it means that you have “lost” the now and are in dreamland. Being aware that you are caught in suffering brings awareness to your suffering and helps you get free. Beware- do not get caught up in judging like “Oh no! I have lost the now!”

When you notice you are in suffering, just relax. Return to the now using the usual tools – Acceptance, Mindfulness, etc.

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