New Developments in my Practice

Audio Podcast is in development

I have been intrigued with the idea of delivering help in a way that is simple, clear, effective, and free. I have created countless CD-roms with lots of different sorts of materials trying to help.

I am currently creating a podcast that you will be able to listen to and even download to your iPod or similar device. You can even listen to it via our phone if you have the right kind of phone.

You can give it away- I encourage you giving it away, as a matter of fact. You can point people to the location on the web, email them a copy, burn a CD for them, or, record a cassette tape for them if they are technically stuck in the 1970’s.

The first podcast installment will be a short reflective exercise that can help you contact and recognize what Tara Brach calls “The Trance of Unworthiness.” I don’t think you will enjoy the exercise itself, but I do think you will enjoy the benefits of waking up from the trance that keeps you in prison.

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