Reading Material – Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

Here’s a good book– Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck.  It hsa been around for a few years but it is definitely worth a read if you have not read it yet. If you read it and your life did not change for the better, read it again- this time, do the exercises.  This book is like a diet book or a fitness book. IT is an entertaining read and it is well written. However, you won’t be different if you do not actually do different things. Read the book and do the exercises.

If you are stuck, lost, or wanting to find a new direction in your life, this is a must read.

The reason I like it is that it works and it covers all of the bases from clearing up your past emotional hurts to creating a vision for your future that allows you to actually enjoy your life.

And the author has been there, done that- she has had her own struggles and has made a great life for herself despite her obstacles.

So- get this one and actually do the exercises- you can change your life.

Finding Your Own North Star

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