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Behavior change is difficult

Your mind works like this. It is really hard, at times, to learn new ways of doing something you’ve done for a long time. Behavior change is difficult. It requires focus, persistence, and patience. Watch the short video- it’s a cool way to illustrate the point.    

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Welcome Your Pain

This is a very short video called “Welcome Your Pain.” Give it a try and let me know your experience. Does welcoming your pain sound crazy to you? Well, here’s the deal: in the world of the mind, that which we resist, persists. When we try to deny or try to fight against our pain, […]

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Never, ever, give up.

Watch this video– Never Ever Give Up! What a small world. I served with Arthur in the Army- he must have been 18 or so at the time. I didn’t recognize him until I saw the pics in this version of Art’s transformation video.

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