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Do you suffer from the Semmelweis Reflex?

Subtitled: An uncertain mind sometimes deals with Reality better than a mind that is certain “It ain’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so” ~Will Rogers I love that Will Rogers quote. It captures, in a humorous way, the essence of the human predicament. […]

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Verses on the faith mind

Cliff’s notes: I put this on my site because I like to refer my clients to it now and then. While the language strikes some as odd, I like it. To me it is very clear. I often laugh out loud when I read it because the author did a great job of capturing the […]

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Asleep at the Wheel

Most of us are asleep at the wheel, living in our private subjective Dreamland. Dreamland is where suffering can happen. Good dreams, bad dreams, no matter– It is all just dreams, just thoughts, feelings, and images in our mind. Mind movies, mind stories. In Dreamland, life is a matter of luck. Good luck? We feel […]

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