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Do It Yourself Relationship Improvement

If you can learn new communication skills and you are willing to read, you can likely do a lot on your own to improve your relationship without hiring a therapist. It usually works better if you and your partner are willing to work together, but you can usually change things for the better even if […]

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Love and Desire- Can we have both?

I work with many persons in committed relationships who have lost or nearly lost their erotic connection. Desire does not have to fade when a loving long-term relationship ‘matures.’ Couples who connect skillfully can enjoy a lifetime of both love and desire. Here’s a nice paragraph about the delicate balance between love and desire: Love […]

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Ten Skills to help you get real

I got this list from Susan Campbell’s website. It is a handy, concise checklist of skills we need to practice in order to get real. I work with this list with a lot of the folks who visit my office for counseling. Getting real is living and relating from a place of clear and present […]

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