Sexual Issues

Sexuality covers a very wide range of behaviors and is strongly influenced by biology and culture. Sexual issues also can be important aspects of other issues like trauma, addiction, couples counseling, anxiety, depression- ad infinitum. For a psychotherapist like me, this means that working with sexual issues is usually complex.

We will work together carefully and respectfully to help you navigate the complexity of your personal sexual issues.  Shame and guilt are not therapy techniques I use. I don’t try to force anyone to be or do anything. Personally, I think that there are many ways humans can express sexuality and, if it is legal and doesn’t hurt anyone, whatever floats your sexual boat is ok by me. If consenting adults want to do what others might call ‘kinky’, I see no harm in it as long as no one is hurt and it is legal.

On the other hand, I will not force you to adopt my views at all. I work hard to help you resolve your sexual issues within the boundaries of  your personal and religious views.

Here are some descriptions of sexual issues I work with

Sexual Abuse Recovery: Getting over getting sexually hurt. Adults and teens. I do not work with children in this area.

Sexual Addiction: Ending the fantasies, cravings and compulsions. Adults and teens.

Sexual Offenders: Learning to keep your behavior legal. Adults and teens.

Sexual Infidelity: Learning to keep your sexual energy within the relationship, OR having the courage to leave a relationship that has failed. Adults.

Sexually unusual practices. Called kinky, fetishes, or perversions by others. I can help you change it or help you accept it, or even a little bit of both. Adults.

Sexual Performance: Individuals or couples getting over male or female sexual performance issues. Adults.

Transgendered Issues: Resolving the inner and outer struggles, making choices and making changes.Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Or?  A man trapped inside a woman’s body (or vice versa)? Adults and teens.

If you have any questions about us working together on sexual issues please contact me using the form below or visit my contact page for other communication options.

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