You can pay your bill right here! This is a secure system just like the big online merchants use. It is run by Paypal, but you do not have to be a Paypal member to use it.

Just click the Buy Now/Credit card image below to pay. A Technical Issue: When you get to the payment screen, it will say ‘Professional Services’ and the price is $1.00.  If you wanted to pay 321 dollars, you would simply ‘buy’ 321 units of professional services. This was the only way I could get Paypal to allow you to input whatever amount you wanted.

It won’t accept decimals, so I will round the amount up to cover that amount to your benefit.

Billing If you have a question about your bill or anything related to payment, the first thing to do is contact Dr. Cliff about it. If Dr Cliff cannot handle it himself, he will put you in touch with his billing service via phone or email.

Any other questions? Contact Dr. Cliff.

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