converse black leather high tops

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converse black leather high tops

Postby Kim Evelina » Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:46 am

Are Barack and Michelle Obama America's first presidential sneakerhead converse black leather high tops couple? Is Joe Biden getting a pair of Nike Air Yeezy's 2 before they drop? Stay tuned with Sneaker News for all the answers and check the photos after the jump. via Rick WilliamsWiz Khalifa and his girlfriend, Amber Rose, attended the "Roll One With Wiz Khalifa Bowling Party" at the Chelsea Piers in New York City last night that was presented by Power 105.1.

With ComplexCon Chicago right around the corner, Converse has readied several new collaborative projects, and one of the most compelling is unquestionably Chinatown Market  s duo of UV light-activated takes on the Chuck 70 . When exposed to direct sunlight, the shoe's soft pastel green/pink canvas upper switches converse black mens shades, morphing into a wild and whimsical combo of blue, orange, fuschia and purple. It's essentially two shoes in one.

Mike Cherman: That's a fun story. It was us [Chinatown Market] doing a 1-of-1 project with that sneaker, really something that we converse glitter womens just wanted to get to LeBron. Obviously it inspired a bunch of DIY creations, which lead us towards our bigger goal of actually working with Converse. And down the road, that opportunity did open up. We were actually able to partner with Converse on a "takeover" of their SoHo store during New York Men's Fashion Week in 2018.

So yeah, that was the beginning of the authentic partnership between us. Prior to that, we hadn't really worked together. Now, partnering with Converse converse high tops black leather and having the opportunity to do something more than just a workshop/customization lab, we're really excited to drop these UV-activated Chuck 70s. Every project we do, we're just trying to make sure it's unique and tells its own story.because UV has been so powerful for our own brand in things that we design from t-shirts and other apparel.

Look at a pair of shoes, look at any of these things like this simple item, but I think that the possibilities and opportunities of the Chuck are what makes it so fun as a designer.You know, for me as a kid, when I was buying clothes, I'd always look for something with extra features or functions. I think that giving a kid a UV shirt, it gives them a whole other function of their shirt that they can show their friends, and it does something more than just converse high tops black mens "buy this shirt, it's got a graphic, you see what it is."

We want kids to know that if they want something, they can make it themselves. They can go buy a pair of Chucks and make what they want with their own hands. That's what we want to inspire. It helps them [the kids] believe that the product is an open platform for them to create.Y'know, I think the biggest thing in communicating this project is that a lot of the product images show UV light, and a lot Image of people might n of people might not immediately understand what UV-activated means.
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